View Tasks by Date, Navigation Shortcuts, Gmail Label Import

May 21, 2024

This week, we have made progress on some long-prepared features, including the ability to view tasks by date and a new custom setting for importing Gmail by label. Let's dive into the details 🙂

⭐This Week's Highlights

View Tasks by Date ☀️

Up until last week, we had the Focus lane, but starting today, we have the Today lane. We received feedback that the Focus lane was inconvenient as it didn't show tasks completed on past dates and mixed today's tasks with future tasks. The Today lane addresses these issues and adds new features for a seamless task management experience.

  • View only tasks planned for today.
  • View tasks completed on past dates.
  • View tasks planned for future dates by date.
  • Changing the date in Today will also change the calendar date.
  • Create tasks directly from each date.

Navigation Shortcuts Added ⌨️

We've added new shortcuts to OFFLIGHT. A set of shortcuts for navigating calendar & today lane has been published, and shortcuts for moving, creating, completing, and editing tasks will be added soon

  • =: Move to the next period in the calendar
  • -: Move to the previous period in the calendar
  • 1~7: Change calendar view (1 = 1day view, 2 = 2days view)
  • W (or 7): Weekly view
  • T: Move the Today lane to today's date (move the calendar to today's date)
  • : Move the Today lane 1 day forward (move the calendar date 1 day forward)
  • : Move the Today lane 1 day backward (move the calendar date 1 day backward)

💁‍♂️ Use [ ⇧ (SHIFT) + / ] or ? in OFFLIGHT to access the shortcuts guide page.

💎 Hidden Gems

Import Gmail by Specific Label 🔖

Following last week's update, we’ve added a new custom setting for importing Gmail. If you use stars for different purposes, you can now import only emails with a specific label into OFFLIGHT. Here are the current options for importing Gmail into OFFLIGHT:

  • Existing Default Setting: Import emails with a star.
  • Additional Setting 1: Automatically import all incoming Gmail after setup.
  • Additional Setting 2: Automatically create a task when a reply is received to an email previously imported into OFFLIGHT.
  • Additional Setting 3: Import emails with a specific label.

💁‍♂️ You can customize Gmail integration settings in Settings > Integration > Gmail

📚 For detailed descriptions of Gmail integration, refer to the guide document.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where task status updates were intermittently not reflected correctly. 

🚀 Upcoming

Improved List Creation Experience: The experience of using lists with goals that have current metrics and periods will be improved to track task completion rates automatically, without the need for periods or metrics.

Create Calendar Events: You will soon be able to create calendar events directly in OFFLIGHT.

Recurring Task Creation: A feature to automatically create tasks on specific cycles will be added.

Mobile App: Development of the mobile app is underway so you can use OFFLIGHT anywhere.

💬 Behind the Scenes

  • The expected release date for the mobile app is taking longer than anticipated. We will work to reduce the scope to release the initial version faster.
  • Our third FE developer is set to join the OFFLIGHT team, completing our initial team building!
  • OFFLIGHT's first plan will be released soon.

💞 Special Thanks

Thank you to Jongyoon Yoon and Taewook Kim for your feedback and support this week. 😊

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