Task Controller Design Update, Focus Mode Enhancements, UI/UX Improvements

April 15, 2024

This week, we made significant improvements to the Focus Mode and introduced a new design for the task controller. OFFLIGHT is evolving from its MVP, reflecting design considerations we've had for the past three months. Here are the highlights of this week’s updates.

⭐This Week's Highlights

Task Controller Design Update 🎮

We’ve revamped the task controller with a more sleek and intuitive design. The pinned goal section at the top is now integrated with the task controller, simplifying the overall interface. Use the task controller to minimize interactions with tasks from any page.

💎 Hidden Gems

Focus Mode UI/UX Improvements 🔮

You can now select tasks for time tracking regardless of their order in the task list, and enjoy a beautiful background when not time tracking. Escape the cluttered planning page and use Focus Mode to get through your daily tasks.

Today's Done UI/UX Improvements 🎨

Consistent design enhances the product experience. We’ve unified the design of the Done box and ensured planned and completed tasks share the same visual style.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Resolved remaining timezone issues.
  • Fixed issues with the Focus summary not functioning correctly.
  • Addressed a problem where tasks not scheduled for today were showing as upcoming in Focus Mode.
  • Fixed the inbox button not working in the Focus screen.
  • Corrected an issue where the timer continued after a task was completed.
  • Fixed the FF button not advancing to the next task.

🚀 Upcoming Next Week

Next week, we will focus on incorporating user feedback and fixing bugs in the calendar and goal areas. We’ll also take time to deeply discuss the future direction for OFFLIGHT after the multi-calendar updates. There might be fewer major updates, but we’re committed to planning for an even better product.

💬 Behind the Scenes

  • Our product team operates in one-week sprints. Last week, a public holiday made it challenging to complete all tasks. We’re thinking about how to effectively manage sprints when holidays are involved.
  • We had conversations with many talented FE developers last week. We're excited about the possibility of working with such great individuals, and we're eager to expand our team to deliver a better product faster. 🙂

💞 Special Thanks

Thank you to Gibong Seong, Taewook Kim, Jihee Park, Doosik Jung, and Kyungjin Go for your valuable feedback this week. 😊

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