Improved Task Card Readability, Calendar Undo Feature, Focus Mode Clock Update

April 22, 2024

While reflecting on our product vision, we’ve reaffirmed the importance of getting the basics right. This week, our updates focus on these foundational improvements. They might not seem groundbreaking, but we believe that attention to detail shapes a great product. The journey is long, but we’re committed to making a great product without getting weary.

⭐This Week's Highlights

Improved Task Card Readability 🔍

The foundation of task management is the ability to clearly see what needs to be done. We’ve made some small but impactful improvements to the readability of task cards, a long-standing issue due to our busy development schedule. We're not just chasing newness; we’re committed to maintaining the basics.

  • Changed the overall font and increased font size for better readability.
  • Enhanced visibility of task card titles.
    • Task titles created in OFFLIGHT can now be viewed up to 2 lines.
    • Moved related task information to the bottom to expand the visible area of the task title.

💎 Hidden Gems

Calendar Task Undone Feature Added 📅

You can now undo tasks in the calendar by unchecking the box. It’s a simple update, but it finally provides a consistent experience for completing or canceling tasks by clicking the checkbox.

Focus Mode Clock Design Improvement ⏲️

A clock should clearly display the time at a glance. We’ve changed the font and increased the font size of the numbers on the goal art clock in Focus Mode for better readability. (It looks prettier too!) We’ve also added the display of seconds for precise timekeeping.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where the save button was active even if the Target Metric was not set when creating goals.
  • Resolved issues preventing task addition in the Organizing and Goal pages.
  • Fixed a problem where sub-goals were not displayed on the Goal page.

🚀 Upcoming Next Week

📣 Previously, this section previewed next week's improvements, but we’ll now use it to outline our future roadmap. Predicting updates accurately a week in advance has proven challenging for our team, so we’ll focus on one-week product improvements until we gain more experience.

Settings Page

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for productivity. We’ve learned it’s more important to provide users with the ability to easily configure their environment. Over the next 2-3 weeks, we’ll introduce a settings page allowing users to customize tasks, calendars, and integrations. Dark mode will also be available from then.

💬 Behind the Scenes

  • We might be forming a great connection with a new FE developer! Just from our coffee chat, I felt that this person is thoughtful and lives life sincerely. I hope they can join us in creating a great product.
  • We’ve started seriously considering the direction our product should take and what we should build. This week, we conducted an “internal evaluation” where OFFLIGHT makers assessed our product. Everyone had a lot of thoughts about the product, and we’ll share our perspectives on its current state once we’ve organized our findings.

💞 Special Thanks

Thank you to Taewook Kim, Jiyeon Lim, Yunhee Lim, Wonjun Lee, Jaehwan Koo, Hyerin Lee, Sooyoung Yang, Gideok Jang, and Eric Kim for your feedback this week. 😊

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