Improved Gmail readability, Today lane date picker, Believer plan launched

May 28, 2024

This week, we added new features to the Today Lane and revamped the Date Picker throughout the service. We also updated the Content Security Policy (CSP) to improve the readability of upcoming integrated content. The first update is the enhanced readability of Gmail content.

⭐This Week's Highlights

Improved Gmail Readability 📧

Previously, when importing emails from Gmail, the overall design was broken, making it difficult to read. With this improvement, you can now view the content as it appears in the Gmail app. Additionally, we’ve added dark mode support for plain text emails.

Today Lane - Date Picker 📅

Clicking through previous days seven times to go back a week is a waste of time. Now, you can use the Date Picker to change the date of lane. This allows for faster navigating to the date you want. 

Believer Plan Launched 🎉

Before the official plan is released, we’ve launched the Believer Plan for users who trust and use OFFLIGHT. This special plan is available only during the open beta testing period and will be the most valuable plan in OFFLIGHT's history.

🚀 Check out the Believer plan

💎 Hidden Gems

Date Picker Design Renewal

With the addition of the Date Picker feature to the Today Lane, we’ve revamped the design of the Date Picker throughout the service to match OFFLIGHT’s overall design theme.

Automatic Date Update

Previously, after midnight, you had to refresh the service to update to today’s date. With this improvement, the calendar, Today Lane, and other date-related features will automatically update to the current date.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter (↩️) while editing the task title in the detailed view made the text appear to disappear.
  • Resolved an issue where removing the deadline in the detailed task view did not immediately reflect the change.
  • Improved the visibility of the detailed task view in dark mode, making it distinguishable from the background.
  • Fixed an issue where Gmail content was hidden at the bottom of the screen.
  • Corrected the issue where the weekly view in the calendar displayed the previous week’s week number.
  • Improved the abnormal horizontal stretching of the calendar event detail view.
  • Fixed an issue where the sorting function did not work properly in the Unplanned Lane. 

🚀 Upcoming

  • Improved List Creation Experience: The experience of using lists with goals that have current metrics and periods will be improved to track task completion rates automatically, without the need for periods or metrics.
  • Create Calendar Events: Soon, you will be able to create calendar events directly in OFFLIGHT.
  • Recurring Task Creation: A feature to automatically create tasks on specific cycles will be added.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Shortcut keys for managing tasks quickly and easily via the keyboard will be added soon.
  • Jira Integration: You will be able to import and manage tasks from Jira in OFFLIGHT.
  • Zapier Integration: Zapier integration will allow you to create custom integrations as needed.
  • Mobile App: Development of the mobile app is ongoing so you can use OFFLIGHT anywhere.

💬 Behind the Scenes

  • Nick, OFFLIGHT’s second FE developer, onboarded this Monday! The team is excited about delivering product improvements at a faster pace. Go Nick!
  • Our designer, Leo, has fallen in love with the combination of peanut butter and apples. I’ve never tried it, but I might give it a shot if I get the chance!

💞 Special Thanks

Thank you, Diane Thompson and Mike Kim, for your feedback on our service. Your feedback adds fun to the process of building the service 😁

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