Goal Reorder, Enhanced Drag & Drop UX, Faster Calendar Sync

March 25, 2024

Hello! We're back with another week's updates and news. Check out the key updates, hidden improvements, and what's coming next week below :)

⭐This Week's Highlights

Goal Order Adjustment 🔀

You can now rearrange your goals in the order you prefer by dragging them. Previously, goals were only shown in the order they were created.

✍ For now, you can only rearrange goals within the same depth, but we'll soon allow interactions across different depths.

Task Drag & Drop Improvements 🔮

We've resolved many underlying issues to enhance the task drag & drop experience. Here’s what’s new:

  1. The overall UI and UX for task drag & drop have been updated.
  2. Improved UX when dragging tasks into goal groups.
  3. When dragging tasks to the calendar, you can now preview the scheduled events.

Faster Calendar Sync 🚄

Calendar sync time has been reduced from 5 minutes to under 10 seconds. You can now check and manage your schedule more quickly. We're still working on further improvements to achieve world-class sync speeds.

💎 Hidden Gems

Time Block Deletion UX Improvement 📆

You can now cancel a time-blocked task by dragging the calendar event to the list, as well as by clicking the cancel button in the detailed task view.

User Feedback Board Renewal 📋

We've updated our feedback board to make it easier for you to leave comments. You can now provide feedback anonymously and upvote others' suggestions. Come visit and share your thoughts!

Rollback on Time Block Completion Update ⏮️

Based on user feedback, we’ve rolled back the automatic end-time update feature for completed time-blocked tasks. This feature will be optional in the future when the settings page is introduced.

🔎 We'll be more proactive in collecting feedback on new features. Your opinions are crucial for our product updates!

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed occasional issues where tasks couldn’t be dragged or behaved unexpectedly.
  • Resolved issues where information in the task popover wasn't saved properly.
  • Ensured that changes to recurring events are properly reflected in Google Calendar. Currently, only same-day changes are possible, but full recurring event modifications will be available soon.

🚀 Upcoming Next Week

Undo Task Deletion

Due to a communication mishap, the undo deletion feature, originally scheduled for this week, will be released next week. Just a little more patience!

Gmail Sync Speed Improvement

Gmail sync, previously every 5 minutes, will soon be updated to sync in about 10 seconds. Our commitment to speed continues.

View Subscribed Calendars 💎

Chapter 1 of multi-calendar support is finally here! Next week, you’ll be able to view multiple Google Calendars linked to one account. Multi-account calendar support will follow in 2-3 weeks.

💬 Behind the Scenes

  • We held our first shareholders' meeting. It was a great opportunity to discuss the future direction of our product and reaffirm our commitment to creating a better product.

💞 Special Thanks

We sincerely thank Yoonhyuk Kim, Jaewon Jeong, Taewook Kim, Seongeun Lim, Junghyun Park, Doheon Kwon, Jiyeon Lim, Hyerin Lee, Deokhyun Shin, and everyone who shared valuable feedback anonymously. Your insights are instrumental in helping us grow 😊

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