Upgrade Undo (CMD + Z), New task navigation & control shortcuts, List reordering UX

June 11, 2024

⭐This Week's Highlights

Upgrade Undo (CMD + Z) ↩️

Previously, the undo feature only allowed task deletion to be reversed. Now, you can use CMD(⌘) + Z (Windows: Ctrl + Z) in various situations, ensuring no time is wasted on mistakes:

  • Undo task completion.
  • Undo task planning and plan cancellations.
  • Undo calendar event deletions.


New Task Navigation & Control Shortcuts ⌨️

We’ve added new shortcuts to make planning, executing, and completing daily tasks possible entirely via the keyboard. You can find the complete Offlight shortcut list in our shortcuts documentation.

Task Navigation

Use the keyboard's arrow keys (←, →) to move between lanes and up/down keys (↑, ↓) to select tasks within a list.

💁‍♂️ To minimize keyboard movement, you can also use J (↓) and K (↑) to move tasks up and down, and Tab to move between lanes.

Create a Task

Click “N” in a specific lane or list to create a new task in that area.

Plan a Task

We’ve added a quick action shortcut for planning tasks on the active date:

  • Shift (⇧) + →
    • Plan an unplanned task on the active date.
    • Postpone a planned task to the next day.
  • Shift (⇧) + ←
    • Move a planned task to Unplanned.

Execute Tasks

We’ve added shortcuts for quicker task execution, including accessing linked sources, starting focus, and pausing tasks.

  • O - Open linked source
  • F - Start focus (time tracking) on the selected task
  • SPACE () - Pause/start the current focused task

Complete & Delete Tasks

Complete and delete tasks with these shortcuts:

  • E - Mark task as complete
  • BACKSPACE or DEL - Delete task

Other Updates

  • The shortcut to change the active date in the Planned Lane has been updated:
    •  (1Previous day) , (Next day) ➡️  [ (1Previous day) , ] (Next day)

💎 Hidden Gems

List Order Adjustment UX Update

The ability to adjust list order, which was paused during the Goals <> Lists overhaul, has returned with a new UX. You can now adjust list order via the Move lists menu in the Display settings.

  • You can only adjust the order and position of lists within the same hierarchy.
  • Sub-lists are supported only to one level.

Sorting Tasks in Lists

The Display settings menu is now available on the organizing page as well. Click the icon in the upper right of the list to access the menu.

  • Adjust the order of lists.
  • Sort tasks within a list.
  • View completed tasks, previously available in 'view all tasks,' is now accessible via the ‘show done task’ option.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where completed tasks were not easily visible at the bottom of the Done box.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking 'view all tasks' on the organizing page had no effect.
  • Fixed a bug related to unmapped lists and time-blocked tasks in the calendar.

🚀 Upcoming

  • Recurring Tasks: Automatically create and manage recurring tasks.
  • Create Calendar Events: Create and invite events within Offlight without leaving the service.
  • Jira Integration: Import and manage tasks from Jira within Offlight.
  • Zapier Integration: Support for creating custom integrations through Zapier.
  • Mobile App: Manage tasks on the go with the upcoming Offlight mobile app.

 💬 Behind the Scenes

  • The keyboard shortcut update was an impressive job by Nick, who joined the team just 2 weeks ago. Thanks to Nick, we’re one step closer to a more efficient product. Thank you so much 🥰
  • The Offlight mobile app has entered the TestFlight testing phase. It’s not fully complete yet, but internal tests are underway. We’ll prepare for an alpha release where our Believers can provide feedback once available 😎
  • We aim to launch our first Product Hunt launch by June 30th, rapidly advancing necessary specs. Look forward to Offlight’s improvements this June 🚀

💞 Special Thanks

Taewook Kim, Eric Kim, Ryan Lee, Jiyoon Kim, Jihyun Kim, Jongyun Yoon, Junghyun Park, Kyoungjin Ko, Jiyoon Yeom, Sooyoung Yang — thank you for your interest and feedback on our service updates this week. We’ll greet you with a product that’s 5% better than last week 🤟

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