Planning command bar, All-day event view

July 2, 2024

Welcome back to the OFFLIGHT Weekly Update News ☀️
Here are this week’s key improvements:

  • Planning Command Bar
  • All-Day Event View on Calendar

Previously, you had to drag tasks to the calendar with your mouse to plan them for specific dates. Now, with the Planning Command Bar, you can quickly plan tasks for any date you want. Additionally, you can now view all-day events in the calendar.

 ⭐This Week's Highlights

Planning Command Bar ⌨️

Before this update, planning tasks for next week or next month required a lot of interaction with the calendar using your mouse. Now, you can quickly plan tasks for any date using the Planning Command Bar. Press H on your keyboard and input the desired date, day, or duration.


  • The Planning Command Bar is currently accessible only via keyboard shortcuts.
    • Mouse-based planning will be available in the next update along with a revamp of the task card actions.
  • This update only allows date planning. Time planning will be included in the next update.

💎 Hidden Gems

All-Day Event View on Calendar

You can now view all-day events on the calendar. By default, one all-day event is shown, and if you wish, you can expand the all-day event panel to see more events.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate tasks were created when using the planning quick action [SHIFT + / →].
  • Fixed an issue where entering letters into a number input field caused NaN to appear in the list edit.

🚀 Upcoming

  • Recurring Tasks: Automatically create and manage tasks that you manually create repeatedly.
  • Calendar Event Creation: Create and invite events on the calendar from OFFLIGHT without going to the calendar service.
  • Task Planning: Use the command bar to plan tasks for specific dates and times.
  • Jira Integration: Manage tasks from Jira directly in OFFLIGHT.
  • Mobile App: Manage your tasks with OFFLIGHT on the go. We’re working on a mobile app.

💬 Behind the Scenes

  • Many improvements that were supposed to be released this week have been postponed to next week. Things rarely go as planned. However, we will continue to make steady improvements so you can have new experiences, even if they are small, every week.
  • Next week, we will finally unveil the calendar event creation feature that we have been working on for a month. You can really look forward to next week's update news. 😎
  • Jules and Bella, who will be working on Go to Market with us, joined Offlight as interns this Monday. We hope they have a fun and fruitful experience at Offlight, even if it is for a short period. Welcome!

💞 Special Thanks

Thank you to Jisoo Hyun, Sung Ki Bong, Ko Kyung Jin, Han Ji Hoon, Gon Lee, Eric Kim, Park Yoon Joo, Bohyun, Oh Yoon Jae, Lee Eun Sol, Kim Myung Gon, Kim Ji Hyun, Yang Soo Young, Hwang Je Chul, Oh Sung Taek, and all anonymous users for your feedback and interest in Offlight this week. We learned a lot thanks to you.

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