Improved list creation and editing, Hide unnecessary lists, Sorting tasks in lists

June 4, 2024

This week, we're sharing updates about one of OFFLIGHT's key features: the goal feature The goal feature is central to OFFLIGHT's identity, so it involved a lot of internal deliberation. Let's introduce the considerations we had and what has been updated.


OFFLIGHT means to focus on important tasks and extinguish the rest. To identify what truly matters, we designed the goal feature to allow users to create tasks and categorize them based on their goals. However, after talking with users who utilize the goal feature, we found that most were using it as a list or label for categorization rather than creating goals as we intended. We received feedback that users wanted to create goals without setting a timeframe or target metrics, and many mentioned that setting up OFFLIGHT took too long and difficult to use effectively.

Thinking about one's goals and distinguishing important tasks is crucial. However, we realized that in order to help users achieve their goals, the first step is to provide a tool that users can comfortably and easily use to achieve their desired objectives.

⭐This Week's Highlights

Improved List Creation and Editing Experience 🗂️

We have renamed the goal feature to a more inclusive "List," allowing you to set goal periods and metrics if desired. Now, on the planning page, you can create lists quickly and easily by entering only a title.


When creating a list, the default setting is “Task count,” meaning the progress of the list is automatically calculated based on the number of completed tasks relative to the total tasks, and you can check it with a pie chart on the left side of the list


For those who still want to use the lists for setting metric goals, we've improved convenience so that you can update metrics directly on the planning page without visiting the organizing page unnecessarily.

Additional Announcements

  • The goal detail page feature that was operating on the organizing page has been temporarily suspended. It will be revamped into a list detail page in future updates, so please stay tuned.
  • Changing the order of goal lists has been temporarily suspended this week. We plan to add and release the list order change feature next week.

 💎 Hidden Gems

Hide Unnecessary Lists

Now, with the hiding feature, you can make only the necessary information visible, creating a cleaner inbox. You can hide unnecessary or infrequently used lists from the display settings in the upper right corner of the unplanned lane or from the more options of each list.

Sorting Tasks in Lists

Before this update, you had to ungroup tasks to use the sorting feature. Many users didn't know the sorting feature existed. Now, you can set the desired sorting criteria even in the grouping state on the list management page.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • There are no specific bug fixes this week. (But there are still plenty of bugs to catch. When will we ever catch them all?)

 🚀 Upcoming

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Soon, we will add shortcut features to make task management quick and easy via the keyboard.
  • Recurring Tasks: We will offer a feature that automatically creates and manages tasks that need to be generated manually each time.
  • Calendar Event Creation: You will soon be able to create and invite to events within Offlight without going to a calendar service.
  • Jira Integration: You will be able to manage tasks from Jira within Offlight.
  • Zapier Integration: We will support the ability to create custom integrations through Zapier.
  • Mobile App: We are developing a mobile app to manage tasks on Offlight from anywhere.

💬 Behind the Scenes

  • Jay, Offlight's third FE developer, joined the team this Monday. 🎉 Jay was worried about the improvements assigned for his first week, but we believe he'll do great. Go, Jay!
  • Although not officially planned, we have new subscribers for the Believer Plan! It is incredibly motivating to have customers who trust Offlight and willingly support us. We will strive even harder to repay that trust!
  • This week's update news is late because we were wrapping up a government support project. We apologize. Productivity tends to drop when tackling tasks we dislike. How do you all handle such tasks?
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