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중요한 목표와 관련된 업무를 우선적으로 정리해 선택의 시간을 절약해 보세요.
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효율적인 시간 관리에 필요한 기능을 경험해 보십시오.
Goal list
해야 할 일과 달성률을 체크해서 동기 부여를 받을 수 있어요.
당장 하지 않아도 되는 일은
리스트로 분류해
목표한 일에만 집중해 보세요.
so you can focus on important things
흩어진 태스크를 한 곳에
여러 플랫폼에 있는 할 일들을 한 곳에서 관리하세요.
다이내믹 툴바
모든 페이지에서 최소한의 이동으로 태스크를 제어하세요.
I was able to prioritize the numerous tasks pouring in from inside and outside the company. With Offlight, you can quickly identify the One Thing necessary for achieving goals.
영업 책임자
Gon Lee
The Offrite team's productivity philosophy and attention to detail is different from other productivity SaaS. The tools themselves are great, but watching the Offlight team build their product is what inspires me to work.
Co-founder, Operator
Steve Kwon
The ability to automatically integrate tasks from Slack and email and organize the calendar by the tasks is very powerful. I hope more people can streamline their work environment through OFFLIGHT.
Nathan Kwon
OFFLIGHT reminds me of the goals that need to be achieved at every moment of work, allowing me to distinguish between tasks that require focus and those that do not. I definitely feel that my immersion in work has increased!
Co-founder & CEO
Hansol Jang
I used "FOCUS" for what I wanted to concentrate on, "OFFLIGHT" for what I should not, and "PLAY" for what was in progress. It's a tool that eliminates the need to think about how to use it better.
Software Engineer
Wonjun Shin
It feels like I've got a booster in my life. Setting priorities for work and using it like a navigation system increased my productivity by 100 times.
Bloger & Marketer
Jihyun Kim
OFFLIGHT instrumental in helping me prioritize key strategies and tasks, with strategic time allocation through my calendar enhancing my work quality and outcomes.
Jongyoon Yoon
With OFFLIGHT, I was able to do "what needs to be done," "at the right moment," and "properly."
Head of Business Strategy
Dongyoung Kim
If you're someone who works with various people across multiple channels, you should use OFFLIGHT. Even when tasks come at you all at once, by keeping them in Offlight, you can ensure that you don't miss out and tackle the important tasks first.
Venture capitalist
Jaewon Jung
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